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Anonymous asked: what do you think about people saying that Dallon was abusive to groping Brendon?





That is one of the most ridiculous and desperate things I’ve heard in awhile.

I’m sorry but if you’re going to act like this

is somehow “abusive” or some form of “rape,” as I’ve seen thrown around, well then guess what? 

So is THIS

oh no, poor Kenny!


and look here’s more abusive groping!

oh no, look at this! look how upset Dallon is!

Brendon no that’s Dallon’s special place!

*gasp!* Dallon no, don’t touch him there!

so so wrong

should I continue? because I could really go on for awhile. I’m gonna stop there though.

I’m not trying to be rude or offend anyone, I’m just trying to illustrate my point here, just to be clear.

It’s ridiculous and hypocritical and I would bet that 99.9% of the people saying these things are Ryan Ross and/or Ryden stans who would really give anything to see Brallon fall and end forever, let’s be real honest guys. 

I’m almost done, but the last thing I wanna say is to those who are saying that Brendon was “clearly uncomfortable” and that “Dallon got rejected” because he pushed him away… I’m sorry, but first of all since when do you know their relationship or either of them for that matter? Second, did he push him away immediately? No he didn’t. But most importantly, and really the only relevant thing here, he was about to do a fucking backflip! Do you know how dangerous those are? That’s a trick that can leave you paralyzed from head to toe, you don’t fuck around if you’re gonna do a backflip. Yes, he’s done them holding a sandwich in one hand, but you don’t really need your hands for a backflip, do you? You can’t very well have a 6 foot 2 giraffe standing behind you with his arm between your legs when you’re literally seconds from performing a backflip off a platform. He wasn’t expecting Dallon to do that and he was mid-lyric and he knew he had only had seconds left so there was no time to fool around with Dallon. He let it happen for as long as there was time then had to make sure he was out of the way for the backflip. Dallon was already moving away anyway, and Brendon didn’t push him backwards, he just pushed him to the side, clearly out of the way for the flip. 

That’s my opinion and perspective on all this. I accept that people will disagree, but calling it abusive or anything close to rape when they’ve been doing it for years and continue to is REALLY stretching, and in my opinion a pretty desperate attempt to put down Brallon.

"You can’t very well have a 6 foot 2 giraffe standing behind you with his arm between your legs when you’re literally seconds from performing a backflip off a platform."


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